macOS Monterey supports Nintendo Switch JoyCons

You can now use your JoyCon to play on Mac. Indeed, the latest Monterey update supports Nintendo Switch controllers over WiFi, as well as the Pro Controller. However, it is not very convenient to use the JoyCons because the system does not consider them as a single controller.

No one expected it, and yet it is there. Against all expectations, it is possible to use the controllers of the Nintendo Switch to play on Mac. This novelty was discovered by journalist Pierre Dandumont, who discovered that the JoyCon and the Pro Controller have joined the list of controllers compatible with Apple computers. Unlike PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers, which are also compatible with iPhones running iOS 14.5 minimum, Apple has not yet communicated on the subject.

To be able to take advantage of it, you will first have to update to macOS Monterey. You shouldn’t miss it, Apple keeps sending notifications to users, even those who can’t install it. Once the operating system is in place, all you have to do is press the synchronization button for a few seconds to see your controller appear in the list of devices. The Home button even displays the Games section of the Launchpad. Everything works almost perfectly on Apple Arcarde.

Apple makes Nintendo Switch controllers compatible with macOS without telling anyone

Almost, because the JoyCon are actually not very practical to play on Mac. Indeed, the computer will detect them as two different devices: the left joystick, and the right joystick. As a result, we end up with only a Joycon, or 4 buttons and a joystick to play, which is far from sufficient for most games. But the compatibility is there, and could be improved in the near future.

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As for the Pro Controller, no problems to report. The controller works like any other, except that games don’t detect it as such. So, be careful not to tangle your brushes because of the right buttons arranged differently. For information, Pierre Dandumont tested his discovery on several titles, such as Asphalt 8+, The Pathless, NBA 2K22 and Oceanhorn 2.

Source: Pierre Dandumont

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