Man arrested for following a car by strapping an Apple Watch to a wheel

We already know about the malicious tracking of vehicles or people usingAirTagsbut the case in question really passes a course is really not trivial: a resident of Nashville in Tennessee was arrested by the police for having followed the movements of the vehicle of his ex-partner… with a AppleWatch !


The villain in question was already known to the police, in particular for acts of spousal assault: at the time of the events, the latter was even under a protection order after having made death threats to the against his ex-girlfriend. History of circumventing the restraining order, Lawrence Welch, 29, decided to follow the vehicle of the young woman… by attaching his own Apple Watch to one of the rims of the car (before following the movement via his iPhone and the Life360 app)!

Fortunately, the sinister individual was not a master of discretion: the police caught Lawrence Welch in the act and quickly noticed the Apple Watch attached to the wheel of the vehicle. At the price of the Apple Watch, it makes the tracker expensive…

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