Meta would unveil its AR glasses a year before Apple

If the helmet Apple VR still remains the object of many fantasies, Meta has already moved on to concrete things for quite a while. After 10 million VR headsets have been sold, the social network giant will launch the “Cambria” headset this year, an even more efficient model than the Meta Quest 2 intended for a professional audience. According to The Verge, Meta is also working on connected glasses with an AR display, and the project would be quite advanced since the first glasses – code name Nazare – could be marketed as early as 2024, a year before Apple is releasing its own AR glasses (rumored).

A second generation of AR Meta glasses, more “designer”, compact and light, would be available in 2016, and a third generation would even be already scheduled for 2028. In short, we are not idle on the side of Meta. Technically, the Nazare glasses will be completely autonomous (no connection to a smartphone to operate) and will have a FoV probably less than 70°, microLED projectors, and an eye tracking system. The design would be quite massive and the autonomy would not exceed 4 hours.

The device would also contain an “in-house” processor designed by Meta. The glasses could be controlled via a dedicated bracelet, or even the connected watch that Meta is preparing for this year. The control technology would be based on advances in electromyography, the bracelet measuring the electrical impulses of the wrist before transcribing them into control commands for the Nazare interface.

Meta’s ambition is immense: internally, Nazare would be described as a device as disruptive as the iPhone was in its time; Not less.

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