Micro LED screen and M1 chip, the virtual reality headset is revealed

Apple Glass, the brand’s augmented and virtual reality headset, continues to be unveiled. While rumors prophesy the arrival of the accessory by the end of the year, a leak has lifted the veil on part of the technical sheet. The helmet would have an M1 chip designed by Apple Silicon and a Micro LED screen.

Apple Glass True Tone

According to information obtained by the Korean media ET News from the industry, the Apple Glass helmet should arrive this year. Ming Chi Kuo, a famous analyst specializing in Apple products, agrees and predicts a launch by the end of 2022, in limited quantities. Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg, also expects a release within the year.

Apparently, production of the device is reportedly well underway. The media claims that “the performance test for the production of VR headsets has been completed”. After this phase of experimentation, it could be that Apple will soon be ready to launch mass production.

A Micro LED screen for Apple Glass for better autonomy?

According to sources interviewed by the media, the helmet would be equipped witha Micro LED screen. This screen technology consumes less energy than an OLED panel, which is good news for the autonomy of the headphones. In addition, the Micro LED is “slimmer and more efficient”summarizes the report.

A Micro LED screen is a modular slab made up of several interlocking panels. To develop this slab, Apple would have approached TSMC. The Cupertino company probably needed a chip to manage the screen display.

The leak also claims that the hybrid headset would be powered by an M1 chip. The report does not really specify whether it is a standard M1 chip or a more powerful model, such as the M1 Pro or M1 Max. Engraved in 5nm, these two processors succeed the M1 processor and are based on the ARM architecture.

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Finally, the media ensures that the headset runs on iOS, the iPhone operating system. A previous leak before yet lifted the veil on an OS called Reality OS. This system dedicated to the helmet would embed its own App Store. We’ll tell you more as soon as possible. While waiting for more information, do not hesitate to give your opinion in the comments below.

Source: ET News

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