Microsoft backs Epic Games in lawsuit against Apple

Microsoft has officially filed a support request for Epic Games as part of Apple’s appeals process, saying the App Store’s antitrust issues go way beyond games.

In the filing, Microsoft describes its position as balanced on the legal issues at stake because, as a company that sells hardware and software like Apple, it wants to enforce antitrust law.

Microsoft claims that Apple has enormous controlling power, as it controls and manages the App Store without providing the ability to publish apps on third-party stores or enable alternative payment systems.

“Online commerce and interpersonal connections are channeled significantly, and sometimes primarily, through iOS devices. Few companies, perhaps none since AT&T at the height of its telephone monopoly, have controlled so many systems through which such a wide range of economic activity flows.

Apple has potential antitrust issues that go far beyond gambling, given the wide range of businesses it runs. In addition to application distribution and integrated payment solutions, Apple offers mobile payments, music, movies and TV, advertising, games, health monitoring, web browsing , messaging, video chat, news, cloud storage, e-books, smart home devices, wearables and more. »

Microsoft says if the original ruling is upheld, the outcome could insulate Apple from meritorious antitrust scrutiny and encourage more companies to engage in malicious behavior, thereby limiting innovation.

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