Motor Trend imagines the amazing features of the Apple Car

The Apple Car may not be released for several years, but that doesn’t stop Motor Trend from imagining the features we might find on board the first Apple car.

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We’ve been hearing about the Apple Car for years now, but so far what we know is that Apple is working on something called Project Titan. But despite rumors that the project continues to lose talent and managers, the company seems determined to move forward. Does this mean that one day we could ride in an Apple Car?

Apple Car: autonomous driving thanks to cameras and sensors

According to Motor Trend, we’ll be able to drive it, but not drive it, as it will be a self-driving car, Apple’s cars will be fully connected, allowing them to communicate with each other to ensure they always have up-to-date information on the car. environment that surrounds them.

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“A series of cameras and vehicle-mounted LiDAR sensors will work with Apple’s Maps app. This will include highly accurate mapping of specific metropolitan areas, to help Apple’s fleet of cars react safely to unexpected obstacles, such as pedestrians and road debris. Additional peace of mind will be provided by Apple Cars’ vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications systems, which will allow self-driving cars to wirelessly “communicate” with each other and surrounding infrastructure. High energy density batteries will provide many hours of continuous operation. »

The report suggests that while this allows some people to rent their car, most “will subscribe to the service which will allow them to use the company’s shared fleet of autonomous vehicles”. Apple will also allow ad hoc rentals such as taxis, according to Motor Trend.

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Additionally, it looks like Apple will soon be offering automakers a new infotainment system based entirely on CarPlay. Apple has already worked in this direction on the IronHeart project, which would allow CarPlay to connect to car systems, including air conditioning and dashboards.

And what do you expect from the future Apple Car?

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