Netherlands and the App Store, Apple could pay more than 50 million euros

The Dutch antitrust agency could continue to fine Apple even after the €50 million expected with the first conviction, at least until the company activates third-party alternative payments for dating apps.

Netherlands, App Store

To date, Apple has been fined €45 million by the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), with a new fine each week. The ACM initially planned to fine Apple €5 million per week up to a maximum of €50 million, but now it looks like the total fines could exceed that figure.

Additionally, subsequent fines could be even higher than the current weekly forecast of $5 million, but nothing is official yet.

Recall that the ACM requires that Apple allow dating apps in the Netherlands to activate alternative and third-party integrated payment systems. Apple will open up to these alternative systems, but the fact that it still wants to retain a commission has prompted the antitrust authority to reconsider the situation. Also, at the moment, developers operating in the Dutch App Store have only received a communication from Apple, but, it is still not yet possible to physically activate alternative payment systems.

Meanwhile, the ACM says it is disappointed with the company’s behavior and, also for this reason, Apple could be forced to pay for several weeks.

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