New benefits for Apple Store employees

Apple is introducing new benefits to its stores to attract new people and retain existing workers in an increasingly complex market.

apple store rosenthaler strasse

The benefits will apply to full-time and part-time employees, with Apple soon offering 12 paid sick days, up from six currently for workers in the United States. Sick days can be used for time off related to mental health, illness, or to accompany family members to a doctor.

Apple will also offer more vacation days, available after three years of use instead of five. Vacations will also be offered to part-time employees for the first time, with Apple offering up to six days of paid vacation per year. Part-time employees are now also entitled to up to six weeks of paid parental leave and will have the option to increase their working hours for the first four weeks after their return.

In recent months, many businesses in the United States have struggled to retain retail staff during the pandemic, so much so that they have faced staff shortages. Because of this, many companies have increased their salaries and benefits, just like Apple is doing.

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