New color for Apple Magic Keyboard, Trackpad and Mouse

The just-concluded Apple event unveiled the new Space Gray colorway for Apple’s Magic keyboard, trackpad, and mouse.

Apple keyboard, Magic trackpad, Magic mouse

With the introduction of Mac Studio and Apple Studio Display, the California firm has decided to give the public a new color for Apple’s Magic keyboard, trackpad and mouse. In particular, we are talking about the popular Space Gray color, already seen with the previous generation of Mac accessories, and notably introduced for the first time with the iMac Pro.

As for the Magic Keyboard, in a non-extended version, Apple offered many other colors all available through the purchase of the iMac M1. The color of the keyboard that comes in the package perfectly matches that of the chassis of the device. In this case, the Space Gray coloring is certainly not new to the market, but it is designed for use with the new Apple devices that have just been presented.

All three devices cost a bit more than their respective white versions. In particular, the Magic Keyboard costs €205, the Magic Trackpad €155 and the Magic Mouse €109. They are all already officially available for purchase on the Apple Store. The difference compared to the variants in classic white is around €20 for each product.

Accessories in this color certainly look great on the desk. But is it really worth spending more to have them in Space Grey?

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