no blood pressure monitor or blood glucose sensor before 2024

The Apple Watch Series 8 would not have a built-in blood pressure monitor or blood glucose sensor. Faced with significant design issues, Apple reportedly postponed adding these features to 2024.

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After a very timid and stingy Apple Watch Series 7 with new features, the Apple Watch Series 8 is expected at the turn. The brand’s future connected watch must imperative to propose new functionalities to establish its dominance in an increasingly competitive market.

According to Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg, the connected watch would be well equipped with a temperature sensor. This option would initially be designed for help with fertility planning. A slightly higher temperature makes it possible to determine the best time to procreate. Apple should also improve atrial fibrillation detection with watchOS 9, the next version of the watch operating system.

Apple encounters difficulties in the design of the Apple Watch blood pressure monitor

On the other hand, several long-awaited features would still be absent from the Series 8. This is the case of the blood pressure monitor. Apple teams would encounter difficulties with the blood pressure sensor. During the first tests, the measurements obtained were not precise enough, report anonymous sources close to the project. The tool would only aim to warn users who suffer from hypertension. As it is, the sensor cannot measure the pressure in the arteries in detail.

In this context, Apple would have postponed the integration of the tensiometer to 2024. The first Apple Watch to adopt the blood pressure sensor would therefore be the Apple Watch Series 10. Note that the American group has been working on this tool for several years. “The feature has been planned for at least four years, but it’s probably two years away from hitting the market and could even slip into 2025”reports Bloomberg.

The next connected watch would also failure of the blood glucose sensor. This option, capable of measuring blood sugar levels, would not be ready for several years. No deployment date has yet been set.

The latest news, Apple should decline the Apple Watch Series 8 in three different models. The trio would be announced during the September 2022 keynote, which will be dedicated to the iPhone 14. We’ll tell you more about the Apple Watch as soon as possible. While waiting for more information, do not hesitate to give your opinion in the comments below.

Source: Bloomberg

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