Not just on iPhone: Android smartphones will also have larger photo sensors

Among the features that can further improve high-end smartphones is certainly the photographic sector. After the rumors that speak of an iPhone 14 Pro with an even more pronounced protrusion with regard to the camera island, it seems that even for some Android smartphones it will be like this. Sony is indeed ready to launch a new photo sensor for larger than usual smartphones.

android smartphone photo sensors 2

Smartphone manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the photographic sector of their top of the range. Especially given the very latest devices.

Sony is one of the most prominent manufacturers of the sensors we see on these devices. In particular, it looks like the company is ready to officially launch a large 50-megapixel 1/1.1″ sensor. To date, the largest mounted on an Android smartphone is a Samsung sensor found on board the Xiaomi 11 Ultra. In this case, Samsung’s sensor is called GN2 and is 1/1.12″ wide. It also lets you shoot at 50 megapixels.

android smartphone photo sensors
Render of the alleged new Xiaomi 12 Ultra, with a Sony sensor in the center

The trade name of Sony’s new photo sensor could be IMX800 and it’s likely that one of the first smartphones to mount it will be the new Xiaomi 12 Ultra which will be released next week, at the latest this summer.

In any case, the market has shown that the size of photographic sensors is important, but only up to a point. Also considering how the market for SoC and dedicated AI features has developed today, many smartphones are able to capture the best features from every shot, enhancing them. On the other hand, the larger the sensor, the more the digital noise of the photo decreases, which objectively improves the quality of the shot. It is then up to the manufacturer to make the most of the quality of the shot and to process the photo in the best possible way.

We are very curious to see what will happen to the new smartphones of 2022 which should adopt this photo sensor and other larger ones.

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