Original Apple Podcast “Wild Things: Siegfried & Roy” Coming January 12

Apple has announced the launch date for the original “Wild Things: Siegfried & Roy” podcast.

Wild Things: Siegfried & Roy, Apple Podcast

With the podcast market becoming increasingly difficult, even for competition from giants like Spotify, Apple is also investing heavily in original content. The next to arrive in the podcast app will be “Wild Things: Siegfried & Roy,” which will tell the story of the two controversial wizards Siegfried and Roy, who have now become true icons of pop culture.

Here is the official description of the podcast:

“In almost half a century, Siegfried & Roy have given 30,000 shows in front of millions of people. Although the German-born illusionists and now pop culture icons were mega-famous, much of their private life and their tragic final spectacle has remained shrouded in mystery… until now.

Investigative director and Emmy Award-winning journalist Steven Leckart walks behind the velvet curtain to reveal shocking moments, startling details and hidden truths about two men who have been celebrated by millions of fans, taunted by the media, criticized by animal rights activists and continuously scrutinized by the public. “

The first two episodes of the eight-part series will air on Apple Podcast on Wednesday, January 12, 2022. Each new episode will launch weekly on Wednesday.

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