Paddle presents the first alternative to in-app payments on iPhone

The decision in Epic’s lawsuit against Apple established that the Cupertino company must allow App Store developers to redirect users to other payment systems. While waiting for the call, Paddle has already announced what’s called “the first alternative in-app purchase system for iOS.”

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Even though Apple has yet to change App Store policies after the judgment, pending the final stage of the judgment, Paddle CEO Christian Owens says 1,500 developers have already registered on the platform and represent a total turnover of 1 billion dollars.

“To some extent, Apple is really trying to keep this process going for as long as possible, because obviously the biggest company in the world can probably afford it. I don’t think Apple or the iPhone would be as successful as they are without app developers, who have helped improve the whole ecosystem. »

Paddle plans to offer the same benefits as the App Store, without the high price and with more control over the user experience. The platform fees will be as follows: 10% for trades under $10 and 5% for trades over $10.

“Paddle In-App Purchase is a true instant replacement for Apple’s IAP, allowing developers to maintain a seamless user experience without having to pay Apple 30% of each sale. Paddle has a very competitive pricing structure, which means developers earn more with every purchase. »

It remains to be seen whether Apple will ever allow systems of this type, despite the various ongoing lawsuits both in the United States and in Europe.

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