Patent: Apple is working on a new biometric sensor technology under the screen

Apple always plank on a iPhone equipped with a biometric sensor under the screen, but as often, the Cupertino would like to add a little touch to this type of technology. An Apple patent describes a sensor not only capable of detecting the user’s fingerprint but also of determining whether another device is located nearby or even of defining the level of velocity or acceleration of a device. / object located in near field.

Under-screen sensor patent

The sensor could also capture a 2D or 3D image of a nearby object. The image may be that of a footprint, a face or even a scene with a certain viewing angle (FoV). More interestingly, the sensor would have the capacity to collect and transmit data (documents, images, etc.). The technology at the heart of this sensor “Uses optical fibers or optical fiber bundles to route electromagnetic radiation between an optoelectronic component placed under, partially under, or next to a screen, along an edge of the screen (for example, to a space between the screen and a telescope), to an area of ​​an optically transmissible component or surface ‘ sums up the Patently Apple website.

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