Patent: Apple is working on an induction charging technique … via the iPhone screen!

This could well be one of the flagship functions of a future iPhone. If we are to believe a patent recently filed with the USPTO (US patent office), Apple is in fact working on an induction charging system … via the screen of theiPhone. The patent does not go into too much technical detail and simply reminds that one of the areas of the screen will have to be a little thinner and more transparent in order to let the load pass.

IPhone screen induction charge patent

This charging function from the front panel would make it possible in particular to charge your Apple Watch by placing the knock directly on the iPhone screen, which would still be more practical than reverse charging from the back of the device ( and then put the screen face down on the table, which is not really recommended). As often when it comes to patents, we should be careful not to make any risky forecast. The iPhone of the future may well have this type of front-loading technology… or not.

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