Pegasus targeted the iPhones of senior European Commission officials

The iPhones of several high-ranking European Commission officials have been targeted by Pegasus spyware. Didier Reynders, the justice commissioner, is one of those affected.

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When Pegasus attacks the iPhones of senior European officials

According to Reuters, senior European officials were warned last year that their iPhones had been targeted by Pegasus. It is about Didier Reynders and at least four senior European officials. The Commission became aware of this targeting following messages sent by Apple to thousands of iPhone owners in November, telling them that they were “the target of state-sponsored attackers”.

NSO Group is developing Pegasus. The spyware relies on flaws not known to Apple (0-day flaws) to infiltrate iPhones and collect data, view information and more. The real danger is that Pegasus can exploit flaws in the iPhone without special user interaction. Simply receiving an iMessage may suffice, for example, even if the user does not open it.

Apple has already plugged vulnerabilities related to spyware. But it’s a cat-and-mouse game here: NSO Group manages to exploit other vulnerabilities, which Apple then has to plug, and history repeats itself all the time. For its part, NSO Group sells its tool to governments.

The United States has already banned the import and use of Pegasus, and it is suggested that this incident could cause the European Union to do the same. For its part, Apple filed a complaint against NSO Group last November. The iPhone maker is seeking a permanent injunction prohibiting NSO Group from using any Apple software, service or device.

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