Pills +: Apple stops sales of the connected speaker

It was in 2016 that Beats launched the connected speaker on the market Pills +. This device in the shape of a large dragee was frankly trendy during the first months of marketing (like many Beats products in the rest), but after 6 years of good and loyal service, Apple has therefore decided to no longer ensure the sales of this speaker. , which is probably not a big deal when there are many competing (and cheaper) products available.

The end of sales does not mean that the Pill + can no longer be bought anywhere. There are still stocks, especially on Amazon, the speaker being offered at a price of 150 euros. The last special edition of the Pill + dates from June 2021, which proves that Apple has only recently made the decision to move on. As a reminder, the connected speaker Pills + has an autonomy of 12 hours and it is even possible to switch phone calls on (a microphone is integrated into the speaker).

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