Production of iPhone 13 in India to start soon

The relocation of supply chain of the’iPhone continues to run its course. The Economic Daily News website informs us that iPhone 13 production in India to start in early 2022. A test production of the iPhone 13 (6.1 inches) led by Foxconn at the Chennai plant would have given satisfactory results, to the point that the Asian supplier gave the green light to start mass production.

iPhone 13 Rear Official Color

20 to 30% of “Indian” iPhone production is intended for export, the rest being reserved for the local market. It will be recalled here that since its launch in September, the iPhone 13 has become the most popular iPhone 13 model in India, far ahead of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. That being said, it’s still the top-selling iPhone 11 and 12 in India, two models made by Foxconn. The second generation of iPhone SE is manufactured by Wistron in the Bengaluru factory. In the (short) term, 70% of iPhones sold in India will be made locally.

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