PUBG sues Apple and Google over the presence of clones on the App Store

The developers of PUBG have sued the producer of another popular battle royale game, Free Fire, but also Apple and Google for distributing clones of their title.

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As reported by Reuters, Krafton has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Los Angeles to sue Garena Online, the software company for the Free Fire game, for copyright infringement. The complaint also cites Apple and Google as guilty of doing nothing to hinder the spread of PUBG clones on their respective app stores.

According to the indictment, Free Fire allegedly copied the game’s structure, as well as items, equipment, and potions. Moreover, Apple and Google allegedly refused to remove this game and many other similar games which are true unauthorized PUBG clones. With Free Fire alone, Garena Online reportedly generated over $100 million in US revenue in the first three months of 2021, taking potential revenue away from Krafton. Software company PUBG also wants Apple to remove another game called “Free Fire Max”.

This is not the first time that the developers of PUBG have filed a complaint against a Battle Royale game considered to be a clone of the original title. In 2018, they also sued Fortnite for the same reason, but failed to win in court.

Although Apple has yet to take action against Free Fire, it eliminated hundreds of Wordle game clones this week.

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