Record sales of premium smartphones in 2021

Sales of high-end smartphones in 2021 hit a new high, as confirmed by data shared today by Counterpoint Research.

premium smartphone sales 2021

The report shows that the growth of the high-end segment, namely that of smartphones costing $400 and above, increased by 24% year-on-year to reach the highest level ever.

The growth of the premium segment exceeded that of global smartphone sales in 2021, i.e. +7% on an annual basis. The premium segment alone accounted for 27% of global smartphone sales, the highest share ever.

premium smartphone sales 2021 2

Underpinning this growth is strong demand for 5G smartphones, as well as a desire for better cameras and performance. Additionally, smartphone makers have prioritized the high-end segment in times of component shortages, in order to devote limited resources to the most profitable product lines.

Apple also continued to dominate the market in 2021, reaching a 60% share of sales in the premium sector. In addition, the Cupertino company is the one that has conquered the greatest number of former Huawei users, as evidenced by the excellent data from China.

Samsung device sales were up 6% year-on-year, but the company lost market share in the high-end segment. However, the Galaxy S21 performed better than the S20. The Galaxy Z Fold and Flip series, launched in the second half of 2021, also performed well, especially in South Korea, North America and Western Europe. However, these increases have been somewhat compromised due to the absence of a new Note series and an update to the FE series in 2021.

The data also shows that iPhone 13s are the Apple smartphones that have been sold more by carriers in the United States than previous models.

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