Refurbished iPhone: the right choice at the best price

At a time of global awareness of global warming, the smartphone industry and its hundreds of millions sold each year inevitably finds itself in the hot seat (as a reminder, a single smartphone is 120 kg of CO2!) . Under these conditions, the use of conditioning is not only an “alternative” but an indispensable link in the fight for the climate, alongside improved repairability and the use of less polluting materials and components. L’Ademe agrees with this observation, and has even calculated that the purchase of a refurbished smartphone reduces the carbon footprint by 60 to 91% compared to a new mobile! This drastic reduction is all the more important since in France, terminals equipped with a screen represent up to 92% of the digital environmental footprint.

In short, conditioning has obvious ecological virtues, not to mention that we are on a much more “noble” market rebate chain than second-hand. The refurbished product must in fact follow certain steps before returning to the shelves of dedicated online stores (sorting of mobiles, deletion of data, diagnosis, repair if necessary, quality control, etc.), steps which allow the treated devices to no longer be truly distinguishable in final quality from their counterparts sold new and at full price.

And since we’re talking about the price, it’s time to address the other main asset of the refurbished, a canon price compared to the new model, and without loss of performance and / or overall quality. Thus, a refurbished iPhone XR offered on the Certideal site is sold at 287 euros… against 709 euros (price of the new model), or 60% savings. And make no mistake: at this low price (an iPhone for less than 300 euros all the same!), the customer benefits from an iPhone unblocked (any operator therefore) with a controlled and full capacity battery, an impeccable screen and a 100% functional technical condition, not to mention a 24-month warranty. Unless you are keen on the very latest fashionable components, is there still really a reason to favor new? The answer is in the question.

With such advantages, we say that the refurbished should end up becoming popular among smartphone enthusiasts, and even more among iPhone enthusiasts (necessarily much more expensive than the market average); and this is indeed the case: 1 out of 3 French people has already bought a refurbished smartphone, and unsurprisingly, the advantage of the price comes first in the motivations for purchase, with ecological concerns also being in good place. Not surprisingly, iPhones are the most sought-after refurbished models, which is quite logical knowing that the price drop is particularly brutal on these models (see the iPhone XR above). Of course, we still too often have the reflex to rush to the manufacturer’s shop, but it might be time to change our habits a little. The right choice at the best price is now happening in refurbished shops, and the planet says “thank you” in passing…


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