Remove Odyssey jailbreak without restoring your iPhone or iPad

If you have jailbroken your iPhone or iPad using Odyssey and want to remove the jailbreak to revert to an original installation of the operating system or in order to redo a new jailbreak installation, then the built-in feature Restore RoofFS of the Odyssey app will be very useful to you.

A RoofFS catering allows a restore of the root filesystem. Concretely, this function returns your iPhone or iPad to the state in which it was before the jailbreak, which means that this will remove all traces of the jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad.

Odyssey Jailbreak Ios 13

What is very interesting in using the restore function rootFSis that you can remove jailbreak without having to restore your iPhone or iPad via Finder or iTunes. This is all the more important, as iTunes or Finder will also want to update your device to newer, non-jailbreakable firmware. Moreover, not only does the rootFS restore function not affect your current version of iOS or iPadOS but it does not erase any of your personal data.

So ready to learn how to remove iPhone jailbreak in just a few steps?

How to remove the Odyssey jailbreak?

To completely remove Odyssey jailbreak from your device, just follow the steps below:

  1. Restart your iPhone or iPad to be in non-jailbroken state.
  2. Once the device has restarted, open the Odyssey app.
  3. Activate the Restore RootFS option and press on the Jailbreak button.remove jailbreak odyssey restore rootfs

The Odyssey app will start performing the restore function and you will need to restart your Apple device when the app prompts you to do so. Once your device is restarted, Sileo and all other jailbreak extensions will have been removed.

Nothing complicated as you can see. You have deleted the Odyssey jailbreak from your iPhone without having updated it and especially without having erased your personal data. Now you can either delete the Odyssey jailbreak app if you don’t intend to jailbreak again, or restart the Odyssey jailbreak procedure or with other software.


Note that the function Restore RootFS is usually supplied with current jailbreak tools, and it is without a doubt one of the most important functions of jailbreaking, but also the least known.

For this is a very important option if your jailbreak seems to be having problems and all other troubleshooting solutions have failed. This allows for a clean slate immediately to resolve your issues without wasting your time at all reinstalling.

Even if you don’t use rootFS restore for troubleshooting purposes, it’s a great way to get your device back to a non-jailbroken state, so that you can easily reset and sell it without updating the firmware. This is ideal for selling a device, as jailbreakable devices can make more money.

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