Russian Apple Premium reseller reopens with 50% increases

After a few days of closure, the authorized Apple retailer re:Store reopened its stores in Russia by raising prices.

Russian reseller, Apple Premium, re:Store

As local media reported, Apple re:Store stores have reopened in Moscow, with the iPhone 13 and many other devices still available. However, the Apple Premium reseller has increased the prices of all products, as evidenced by the store’s official website.

For example, the 128GB iPhone 13 Pro Max cost 109,990 rubles (about $940) on February 9, whereas today it costs 149,990 rubles (about $1,277 at the current rate, but $2,005 at the current rate). previous rate). The same goes for other iPhones, but also MacBooks and iPads, with increases of up to 50% compared to a few weeks ago, due to the collapse of the ruble against the dollar.

Meanwhile, Apple has stopped selling its products online in Russia, and re:Store itself will continue to sell products only while supplies last.

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