Safari: Custom dark mode, cookie consent and more to come

Apple plans to improve its Safari browser with at least three features, as shown in the WebKit source code. 9to5Mac unearthed a few things in the browser’s rendering engine.

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What’s coming to Safari

The WebKit source code tells us that Safari will offer a custom dark mode. It will thus be possible to have certain sites with the light theme and others with the dark mode, regardless of the theme chosen at the iOS level. To date, sites that have a dark theme automatically switch to it if the iPhone is configured with dark mode. The reverse takes place with the light mode. A future option will allow you to have a precise choice.

In addition, Apple is preparing a new option to allow or block modal pop-ups, namely those that may show up as a system alert.

The third and final item discovered is a new API for Safari to manage cookie consent. This point should especially concern Europeans since the GDPR obliges sites to ask their visitors whether or not they can collect data. The problem is that this task can quickly become annoying knowing that it concerns each site. The new API suggests that the user could choose a setting (accept or decline) and Safari could automatically choose the option when visiting a site.

There is currently no information on the availability of these new features with Safari. Maybe it will be with iOS 16. Or Apple will offer them with another iOS 15 update, like iOS 15.5. It would be surprising if we had them with iOS 15.4 knowing that the final version should arrive next week and the existing betas make no mention of these features. On the other hand, Safari will have new features with iOS 15.4, including support for notifications for Web Apps and support for AR/VR headsets.

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