Safari loses 2nd place among the most used web browsers in Europe

Safari is on the verge of losing the second position among the most used desktop web browsers in the world, while in Europe the loss has already taken place.


Google Chrome has dominated this ranking for years, but Safari has long established itself as the second most used browser on the desktop. This position was also confirmed in January 2022, but the latest data tells us that two web browsers are closing in and could soon overtake Safari.

Safari is used by 9.84% of desktop users, Microsoft Edge is positioned just behind with a market share of 9.54%. Firefox, which had just 8.1% in January 2021, has gained new users in recent months and now has 9.18% market share on desktop computers. Unsurprisingly, Google Chrome still ranks first with 65.38% of the total.

In January 2021, 10.38% of desktop users were browsing the web through Safari, suggesting that Apple’s browser has lost ground to other alternatives. If Safari continues to lose users, it will likely slide to third or fourth place in the rankings over the next few months.

Looking at the US market, Safari has more advantage over Microsoft Edge with 18.12% versus 12.09%. However, Safari has already lost its second place as the most used desktop web browser in Europe to Edge. However, it should be remembered that Safari is only available on macOS (the Windows version is now deprecated), while other web browsers can be installed on both Mac and Windows PC.

As for the reasons for the drop, it’s likely that the latest versions of Safari with the UI-related changes didn’t appeal to many users, leading them to use Chrome or Firefox on Mac, despite the new ability to make this interface optional only, many users continued to use alternative browsers.

At the same time, Safari also lacks some important features available on other browsers. And what browser are you using?

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