Samsung could take legal action to remove BOE and LG from Apple’s list of OLED suppliers

After LGDisplay, so it’s Chinese turn BOE to join the “Oled” supply chain of the iPhone, and that does not particularly please Samsung, which no longer has such free rein to impose its prices on Apple and especially to increase its volume of orders. The South Korean giant would be all the more worried that a fourth thief could soon be added to the equation, namely Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT).


Sources familiar with the matter reportedly told The Elec site that Samsung Display could protect its trade deals with Apple through legal action. Samsung would thus use the many patents in its possession to try to kick BOE and LG Display out of Apple’s supply chain, or at least limit their influence. The South Korean manufacturer could also go through “patent-troll” intermediaries so as not to get involved head-on in legal proceedings.

One of the sources, however, would be more reserved about when this aggressive strategy would be set in motion, and believes that Samsung may have more to lose than to gain by lighting the legal fuse in such a competitive market.

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