Samsung Display would produce dual-layer emissive OLED panels for Macs and iPads in 2024

SamsungDisplay has just started the development of technology OLED panels Two-Stack Tandem, which means that each panel is composed of two RGB emissive layers, which doubles the maximum brightness and quadruples the life of the panel. Incidentally, this type of screen would be less subject to the marking phenomenon (specific to OLED panels). According to The Elec, Samsung Display’s future OLED Two-Stack Tandem panels would be mainly intended for the iPad Pro with OLED screen which will be marketed in 2024, but also for the MacBook ranges (Air / Pro) and later still for the iMac.

Samsung would here only catch up on LG, which would be more advanced on the development of this new generation of panels (LG being also a supplier of panels for the iPhone, Mac and iPad). On the other hand, the iPhone 14 (2023) should still have OLED screens with a single emissive layer, but the technology would be improved compared to the previous generation of panels. These same OLED panels will also be used in the next generations of foldable Galaxy.

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