Say Goodbye to Lightning Dock for iPhone!

Apple has discontinued production of the Lightning Dock for iPhone, as this accessory is no longer available in most countries.

iphone j22 lightning dock

In the United States, the Lightning Dock is no longer available. There are still some exceptions in other European countries, but it is very likely that Apple has decided to stop production of this accessory.

The iPhone charging station has always been offered by Apple as an accessory, since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. Now, between wireless charging, MagSafe and other innovations, it is likely that this accessory will be sold less and less, leader Apple to the decision to stop production.

The last version of Apple’s Lightning charging station for iPhone dates back to 2015, shortly before the announcement of the iPhone 6s. Unlike previous versions, the 2015 model did not have adapters for compatibility with previous iPhones. The cost was €55, but Apple once included it in the packaging of the first iPhone.

And you, have you ever used this accessory?

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