Shareholders demand clarity on removed apps

Some Apple shareholders are urging its board to vote in favor of new transparency reports that would give a clearer picture of the number of apps removed from the App Store at the request of governments.

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The documents, filed before the next general meeting scheduled for March 4, tell us that the shareholders of the Azzad Asset Management and Open MIC groups would like more clarity on the reasons which are pushing Apple to remove the apps.

“We are writing to invite you to vote in favor of Proposition 6 on the delegation of the Company. The proposal requires the board to review Apple’s transparency reports to provide clear explanations of the number and categories of apps removed from the App Store, in response to or in anticipation of government requests, which may reasonably limit freedom of expression or access to information.

Current transparency reports do not sufficiently disclose the types or categories of apps the company has removed from the App Store, nor do they examine the extent to which such removals may restrict human rights. »

Every year, Apple removes thousands of apps from the store, both for security reasons and at the request of governments. China, for example, has repeatedly demanded the removal of apps belonging to political opposition groups. Shareholders will vote on this proposal and others at the annual meeting of shareholders on March 4.

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