She steals 3,000 iPods intended for students and goes to prison

Kristy Stock was sentenced to 18 months in prison for stealing more than 3,000 iPods that were normally given to underprivileged school children. It turns out that this 46-year-old American was reselling walkmans.

She steals 3,000 iPods intended for students and goes to prison

iPod theft = prison

The operation took place between 2013 and 2018. Kristy Stock, who ran a school program using iPods to teach reading and math, stole more than 3,000 walkmans that had been purchased by the Central Consolidated School District. She would then resell them on eBay. She was able to make more than $800,000 in profits, with the help of Saurabh Chawla and James Bender, namely her accomplices. In reality, all the iPods together were worth more than a million dollars, but she was in charge of selling them at a more than attractive price to quickly make sales. The story took place in the state of New Mexico.

Today, the United States Department of Justice details the charges against Kristy Stock, namely tax evasion and transportation of stolen property. She also filed fraudulent tax returns on her income, which resulted in a tax loss of approximately $270,000. That said, although she gets 18 months in jail, she is doing better than Saurabh Chawla, who was sentenced to 66 months in jail after failing to pay over $700,000 in taxes. As for James Bender, he was sentenced to 366 days in prison.

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