Shortage of components: iPhone and iPad assembly reportedly suspended for a few days

The Nikkei Asia claims it from reliable sources: in the middle of October and while manufacturers are stocking up their stocks in anticipation of the end of the year holidays, Apple would have been forced to suspend the assembly of iPhones and devices for a few days. iPad, a situation that had never happened before for Apple on this scale (and which could explain some increased delivery times)

Foxconn workers

Key components used in the manufacture of iDevices ended up missing, despite Apple’s more than privileged relations with its Asian suppliers. The energy restrictions decided by the Chinese government have also weighed on the production capacities of the factories concerned.

It remains to be seen to what extent this temporary production halt may have had an impact on the number of products actually delivered during Q4. We also wonder if this suspension of production has something to do with recent rumors from Bloomberg, the news site declaring recently that Apple had lowered the volume of its component orders. Could there have been confusion with the temporary shutdown of production?

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