Siri gives the wrong age for some users

Siri has a little trouble telling you your exact age or that of your contacts. As noted by iCulture, Apple’s assistant can err depending on the day of the request and the day the birthday occurs.

Siri gives the wrong age for some users

A problem to have your true age with Siri

The problem is that Siri seems to only use the year to give the age and not the full date. Thus, if you were born on June 30, 1992, for example, the assistant will tell you that you are 30 years old, whereas you are actually 29 years old at the time of the request. The fact that the birthday is a few months away is not taken into account for some amazing reason.

It is possible that Siri tells you that it does not have the information. This means in this case that you have not added your date of birth to your contact card. But for those who did, the miscalculation takes place (unless, of course, your birthday has already passed in 2022).

This issue might not require a full iOS update to fix. Indeed, Apple should be able to make a change directly to its servers and change the calculation method. But for the moment, the problem exists and only the year of birth is taken into account.

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