Siri turns on the light…with a Harry Potter spell!

We sometimes have a hard tooth against Siri (and often enough), but Apple’s voice assistant also sometimes manages to amuse us (if not always very useful…). In the list of funny little things that you can make Siri do, there are… Harry Potter-style spells! Thereby, ” Say Siri “ order tracking “Lumos” will activate your iPhone’s flashlight!

A shot of “Nox” later, and the lamp (back flash) goes out! It may not be much, but it still proves that the Apple engineers in charge of setting up Siri have not forgotten their sense of humor. So of course, we would prefer to trade these unimportant little valves for a real dialogue capacity like the GPT-3 AI (which we can also test in the App Store via the Emerson app), but it’s already a little more fun and original than asking Siri to activate the timer…

Other spell commands are available on this page (some require a bit of manipulation, but nothing too crazy).

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