South Korea bans ‘Play to Earn’ games on the App Store

South Korean authorities have informed Apple and Google that “Play to Earn” games violate local regulations governing the amount of money that can be won in games.

Play to Earn, App Store, South Korea

After being among the first countries to ban Apple and Google from forcing developers to exclusively use their respective integrated purchasing systems, South Korea has now decided to also regulate so-called “Play to Earn” games.

P2E titles generally require the player to purchase in-game components and bonuses in the form of non-fungible tokens, so users are potentially eligible to earn in-game rewards. These games are popular in the gaming industry. cryptocurrencies and this new decision strengthens the country’s position against cryptocurrencies.

If the Korean GMC’s decision is confirmed, Apple and Google will have to eliminate all P2E games on their respective stores.

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