SunMoove: presentation of an ultracompact solar charger!

Who has never had a problem with an empty battery at some point in the day? Obviously everyone has encountered this problem before. To avoid this, there are solar chargers, like the one we present to you today, the SunMoove !

sunmoove solar charger 2

This ultracompact solar charger was designed by the Parisian startup Solar brother, which specializes in the design of ecological solar solutions. The company has designed a real ally for all heavy smartphone users, and not only. Indeed, the SunMoove is suitable for all types of electrical devices: smartphone, tablets, cameras, speakers, etc …

Solar Brother offers the SunMoove in two versions: 6.5 and 16 Watts. In addition, it is easily transportable thanks to a design that allows it to fold up on itself, in order to simply slip into the bottom of a bag. It should also be noted that the SunMoove is also extremely light, in addition to being waterproof! Clearly, it is able to accompany you wherever you go, even in the most unexpected places (in the mountains, sea or camping).

As Solar Brother specifies, the SunMoove has more powerful cells than conventional ones, able to provide energy production 25 to 35% more powerful. It’s not nothing !

“Solar panels convert sunlight directly into an electrical voltage of 5 V, and the energy produced instantly recharges the electrical device. An LED, charge indicator, integrated into the solar panel ensures that the device is correctly charged. “

In the SunMoove pack, you will also find everything you need to charge your device. There is a multi-function cable: USB-C, Micro USB and Lightning, to USB (to be connected to the SunMoove). Concretely, all devices will be able to benefit from solar charging!

sunmoove solar charger

Technical characteristics :

  • Power: 6.5 Watts / 16 Watts
  • SUNPOWER TM microcrystalline cells
  • 4 ultra-thin foldable solar panels / 3 solar panels (for 16 Watts)
  • LED charge indicator
  • Intensity: 1300 mA / 3200 mA
  • Indicative charging time: 1000 to 5000 mAh> 1h to 5h / 2000 to 10,000 mAh> 1h to 5h
  • Devices in charge of 500 to 5,000 mAh: SmartPhone, Powerbank, camera, speaker, micro-camera (…)
  • Carabiners (x2)
  • USB-C / Micro USB / iPhone cable
  • Robust, foldable and compact
  • Waterproof panel, XPX4 index

As you will have understood, this ultracompact solar charger will be very useful to you at any time, wherever you go. You will therefore no longer have to worry about the possible lack of battery, even if you have the idea of ​​climbing Mount Fuji!

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