Tesla designer mocks Apple, there’s ‘nothing to look forward to’ anymore

Franz von Holzhausen, design director at Tesla, recently criticized Apple, saying the company’s products are “just a slight refinement of the same thing.” According to him, the products would all have become boring.

tesla roadster
Credits: Tesla

During a podcast interview with Spike Feresten of Spike’s Car Radio, Tesla design chief Franz von Holzhausen, did not mince his words when referring to the new products of the American giant Apple. ” The sad thing about Apple products now is that there’s nothing to look forward to. I feel like it’s just a continuation. It’s just a slight refinement of the same thing. Inspiration-wise, it’s hard to be super motivated by what they do “.

Indeed, Apple hasn’t been innovating much for a few years now, and that its new products look too much like their predecessors. While some regret the lack of risk taking of the manufacturer, others are revolted by the delay that Apple has taken on some of its products. We know for example that the next iPhone SE 3 5G which will arrive on March 8, 2022 will still use the same 4.7-inch LCD screen of the previous models. However, other manufacturers like Xiaomi have already switched to 120 Hz OLED on the Redmi Notemore affordable, for a long time.

Tesla designer doesn’t like Apple products, but still uses them

Although the Tesla designer is not shy about making fun of Apple products, he still continues to use several of them. Franz von Holzhausen, for example, revealed that he wears an Apple Watch ” just for the fitness side. Otherwise, I didn’t really find any use for it, except for the fitness side “.

For those who don’t know him, Franz von Holzhausen has been Head of Design at Tesla since 2008. During this time, he led the design of all of Tesla’s current and future vehicles, including the Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, Cybertruck, Semi and Roadster of second generation, the production of which is already several years behind schedule.

There has been a rivalry between Apple and Tesla for several years now., companies often steal engineers from each other. Tesla has always refused to integrate the CarPlay infotainment system into its electric cars, although users have managed to make it work using Raspberry Pis.

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