The Apple Car can be controlled via Siri as on the iPhone

Let’s talk a bit about the Apple Car project, also known as “Project Titan”, which aims to create Apple’s first autonomous electric vehicle. The launch is expected in 2025, although some reports suggest the goal is a little too ambitious.


The Cupertino company has published a new patent concerning the Apple Car. The patent reveals that an “autonomous” or “driverless” vehicle is “able to sense where it is and navigate to a certain destination with little or no input from the occupants”.

This guidance system will be easy to use even in areas where accurate map data may not be available. The patent encompasses various methods of driving the vehicle using multiple computing devices to indicate the destination of the vehicle, such as a shopping mall, office complex, etc.

The patent shows that the driver can use the touchscreen of an iPhone or iPad to give input. The devices could be used to mark a planned stopping point, plot a route, or indicate an expected direction using a virtual joystick.

Additionally, it looks like Siri will be able to be used to command the vehicle. For example, the user can command the application to park using a voice command such as “park over there”.

Clearly, at the moment it’s just a patent, but it certainly gives us an idea of ​​the work Apple is doing on this elusive Apple Car.

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