The Apple Studio Display has 64 GB of storage!

I’Apple StudioDisplay would it be only one iPhone or one iPad giant? We already know that the monitorApple turns under iOS 15.4 (build 19E241) and has a A13 processorbut the similarities with the iPhone go even further since we have just learned that theApple Studio Display also comes with 64 GB of storage capacitylike the iPhone 11 also equipped with the A13!

Only 2 GB of storage would actually be used by the monitor, but Apple may have other “plans” for more extensive management of this 64 GB. There is little doubt that we are witnessing a huge rationalization of Apple around its Ax and Mx architectures: the products change, but the technological “engine” inside is identical, which undoubtedly allows Apple to achieve very solid economies of scale. And it is hard to see why future headed products (Apple VR in particular) would depart from this principle.

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