The Apple TV+ team between internal problems and disorganization

Business Insider shared a few curiosities from Hollywood operatives working with Apple TV+, as well as those from inside sources working on content for the streaming platform.

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Although the company with the most financial resources in the world is mentioned, the article suggests that the content division of Apple TV+ is understaffed and experiencing increasing difficulties, which often leads to problems launching new content. .

The report says Apple TV’s infrastructure is generally underdeveloped compared to other parts of the company, with various issues periodically popping up, including last-minute marketing plans or a lack of ready-to-go press materials. launch a new show.

The report also indicates that Apple’s attorneys are unfamiliar with Hollywood-related legal practices. One executive said Apple even started streaming a show before the contract was signed, a sign that the company needs more people to handle the administrative (and other) side of the platform.

With production delays due to the easing of the pandemic, Apple is also in a position where it has to juggle multiple projects at the same time. Business Insider claims that this situation further highlights the various internal management problems, due to a lack of resources. There would also be a problem of overtime (and protests) from employees due to the heavy workload. Suffice to say, Apple TV+ has premiered a new premium series or movie every Friday in 2022 so far, not counting second or third seasons and constant streams of kids’ content.

In addition, Apple TV+ wants to produce more and more content internally, rather than buying licenses from external studios. However, quoting an anonymous agent, the report states that“they want to do everything themselves, but they don’t have enough staff”.

There are also lingering doubts about Apple TV+’s leadership. For example, the movie division is currently headed by longtime iTunes Store executive Matt Dentler. Apple’s co-heads of Worldwide Video, Jamie Erlicht and Zack van Amburg, however, considered hiring a prominent Hollywood personality to lead film strategy, which Insider sources say would improve Apple’s reputation. with agents and actors. That said, under Dentler’s leadership, the team recently won three Oscars.

The growing issues are further amplified as Apple expands into sports content, starting with MLB Friday Night Baseball starting next week. Additionally, Insider says it’s unclear if the decision to move into sports was supported by Erlicht and Amburg, or if Eddy Cue, senior vice president of services, is really steering the ship in that direction.

While Insider focuses on the content division, it’s worth pointing out that the technical aspect of Apple TV+ also remains an issue, with general criticism from customers due to the app’s confusing user interface, persistent streaming quality issues on devices such as Roku and Amazon. Fire, a very basic web experience, lack of apps for Android or Windows, and other subtitle-related bugs

In any case, despite these problems, the TV+ team still managed to complete what was established, with quality content. The final product remains very solid and Apple has made some of the best series and films of recent years.

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