The Apple Watch maintains its dominance in the connected watch market

Apple continues to outrageously dominate the connected watch market. In a market growing by 24%, the Apple Watch occupied 30.1% of market share last year, a small drop compared to 2020 (32.9% of Pdm). Behind the Apple Watch, the positions are moving: Huawei slips from second to third position in the manufacturer ranking (7.7% against 10.7% in 2020), while at the same time Samsung reaches 10.2% market share (three times less than Apple), compared to 8.9% last year. After the top three, there is a big peloton made up of imoo, Amazfit, Xiaomi, Fitbit, Garmin and Noise. None of these companies exceeds 5% of market share.

Apple Watch PM 2021

Counterpoint further notes that the Apple Watch alone accounts for half of the smartwatch market’s turnover, and that more than 40 million connected watches were sold in Q4 2021 alone, which is a new record. for the sector.

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