The Apple Watch saved a man’s life after an electric bike accident

The Apple Watch managed to save the life of a man who fell from his electric bicycle. After a nocturnal accident, the connected watch came into contact with the emergency services by providing the position of its wearer.

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According to our colleagues from Fox 11, a local media in Los Angeles, the Apple Watch managed to save the life of a man who fell from his electric bicycle. This January 22 around one o’clock in the morning, the local police officers received a call from an Apple Watch claiming that “the owner of this watch took a hard fall”.

Apple has indeed integrated a fall detection system to Apple Watch since Series 4. If the user does not move for 60 seconds after a fall, the watch calls for help. To prevent the connected watch from contacting the emergency services, simply dismiss a notification appearing on the screen.

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The Apple Watch called the emergency services instead of its owner

In this case, the wearer of the Watch was unconscious. As expected, the accessory is then contacted 911, the American emergency service. This system, as practical and efficient as it is, is the source of many involuntary calls from distracted users. Many users inadvertently make emergency calls while sleeping or working out. Some police services claim to be drowned in unnecessary emergency calls.

This was not the case this time around. Arrived at the place where the Apple Watch was located, the emergency services found an unconscious man lying on the pavement. He was bleeding profusely a few meters from his electric bicycle. The most urgent injuries were treated on the spot. Subsequently, the man was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital. He came out a few days later without any sequelae.

Note that this is not the first time that Apple’s connected watch has saved a life. Last year, an Apple Watch called for help after its wearer became unwell. Shortly after, the watch saved the life of a 25-year-old student who suffered a heart attack without realizing it.

Source: Fox11

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