The Chinese supplier CSOT would like to produce part of the screens of the next iPhones

Long dependent on Samsung for the screens of its iPhones, Apple now has in its supply chain a fine team of three suppliers, namely Samsung, LG and BOE. And if we are to believe the site The Elec, the “screen team” could well expand further with the arrival of a second Chinese supplier (after BOE). The panel manufacturer CSOT has indeed formed a team whose objective will be to reassess the OLED production lines in order to pass the often drastic quality controls of Apple.

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Still according to The Elec, Apple and CSOT have already started negotiations on a future production of iPhone panels, but of course, the Californian will not sign anything until he has proof that the supplier can ensure the rates while respecting to the letter a heavy specification. Apple will therefore evaluate the production of OLED panels from the CSOT factories located in Wuhan. The factory will have to quickly produce nearly 45,000 OLED substrates per month.

Until now, CSTO produced displays for Samsung’s Galaxy M models. This year, the supplier would even have recovered the production of OLED panels for the Galaxy A73. As far as hypotheses are concerned, the arrival of a fourth supplier of OLED panels in the supply chain of the iPhone could further weaken Samsung’s negotiating capacities, since the latter can no longer set the price of orders placed by Apple on its own.

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