The current iPod touch was released 1,000 days ago, with no successor in sight

The 7th generation iPod touch, the latest model, was released 1000 days ago. The multimedia player was born in May 2019 and it turns out that there will obviously be no successor.

iPod touch 7G 2019

iPod touch 7G is 1000 days old

It turns out that this model of the iPod touch is the oldest product still sold by Apple. It is followed by the AirPods Pro, which have been available for 847 days (Apple released the headphones in October 2019).

With the iPod touch, we are entitled to a 4-inch screen, which may seem small compared to the size of the iPhone (which can climb up to 6.7 inches) or Android smartphones. The last iPhone that had a 4 inch screen was the iPhone 5S. Suffice to say that it’s been a while now.

Under the hood, the multimedia player embeds the A10 chip, the same found in the iPhone 7. There is also the possibility of having 256 GB of storage space, a first for this product. For the rest, we find the same experience as the 6th generation iPod touch. The last major change dates back to 2012. There were then minor revisions in 2015 and 2019.

When a new model?

Naturally, some people would like an up-to-date player with more power and a better screen. There are rumors here and there, but nothing concrete in the end. It would seem that Apple has decided to put an end to this range. As a reminder, the manufacturer abandoned its iPod nano and iPod shuffle in July 2017, but to keep the iPod touch.

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