the double hole in the screen is almost as big as the notch

The iPhone 14 Pro would be well equipped with a holey screen instead of a notch. Surprise: Apple would bet on a double hole whose size would ultimately be as large as the notch of the iPhone 13.

iPhone 14 pro notch hole

According to the latest leaks that appeared on the web, Apple will drastically review the design of the iPhone 14. For the first time, the brand would trade the notch for a screen with holes. The cavity in the slab would however be very different from screens with holes that we know from Android manufacturers.

To house the selfie sensor and the TrueDepth sensors for Face ID, Apple would need a double hole. On the iPhone 14 Pro, we would therefore find an elongated punch, pill-shaped, and a small additional cavity. Several reputable sources, including renowned leaker and analyst Ross Young, have confirmed this approach.

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A double hole as wide as the notch to accommodate Face ID sensors

This particular design has just been confirmed by a new leak. According to a manufacturing diagram that appeared on the Chinese social network Weibo, and relayed by leaker Jon Prosser, Apple should bet on a double hole.

If this pattern is confirmed, the cavity in the touch surface of the iPhone 14 Pro will be almost as imposing as the reduced notch of the iPhone 13. Apple is not yet able to sufficiently reduce the modules essential to the functioning of Face ID for all fit in a discreet little hole.

For the record, this design change would be reserved for iPhone 14 Pro, more upscale. For their part, the iPhone 14 and 14 Max, more affordable, should once again be satisfied with a notch similar to that of the previous models.

To witness the complete disappearance of the notch, we would have to wait until 2023. According to Ross Young, Apple will use the double punch on all models in the iPhone 15 range. Affordable models would also be entitled to this design change. By then, the brand may have managed to reduce the size of the holes, similar to how it shrunk the notch with the iPhone 13s launched last year.

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