The Federico II of Naples will award an honorary degree to Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook will receive an “honorary degree” from Federico University of Naples.

Federico II, Tim Cook

After the launch of the Apple Academy in 2016, the relationship between Apple and the city of Naples has become increasingly close thanks to the many initiatives organized over the years and linked to the Academy itself.

It was precisely in the light of this collaboration that Federico II University decided to confer an “honorary degree” on Tim Cook. The CEO of Apple enthusiastically welcomed this proposal and is already organizing the trip for the ceremony.

The rector of Federico II Matteo Lorito was the promoter of this initiative: “Tim Cook said he was delighted to receive the award. Now there are technical and bureaucratic times to organize everything, but thanks to the collaboration with the university ministry, we will be able to confer the degree between July and September. At Apple, they see Naples as a successful project and Cook’s recognition also means strengthening a relationship built over the years, laying a foundation stone for new deals that go beyond the Academy. »

Meanwhile, a few days ago, all the professors on the board of trustees of the Department of Economics, Management and Institutions of the university unanimously approved the proposal to award Tim Cook a master’s degree in innovation and international management.

The Federico II secretariat and Tim Cook’s team are already in contact to find a free date in the summer and organize the event.

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