The first iPhone X with 100% waterproof USB-C will soon be auctioned

The first iPhone X with a USB-C port and 100% waterproof has been developed. The creation, inspired by a previous iPhone developed by a student, will be auctioned in a few days.

iphone x usb c waterproof

So far, Apple has always refused to replace the Lightning port on its iPhones with a USB-C port. Despite the pressure exerted by the authorities, the Silicon Valley giant remains faithful to its owner port. Under these conditions, several astute engineers had fun replace the Lightning port with a USB-C connection, like the one found in the Android competition.

Last October, a master’s student in robotics at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) also removed the Lightning port from an iPhone X to add a USB-C port. This homemade configuration was 100% functional. Quickly, the engineer put his creation on sale on eBay. It didn’t take long for the price of the iPhone with USB-C soars. Bids have indeed risen to 100,000 dollars.

A waterproof USB-C iPhone has been created

Inspired by the example of this robotics student, a YouTuber called Gernot Jöbstl developed its own iPhone X with a USB-C port. Unlike the high-priced version on eBay, this doctored iPhone is 100% waterproofe. This is the first iPhone with a USB-C port that can be submerged in water.

The videographer did not just make the smartphone waterproof. It also added improvements to allow the USB-C port to adhere better to the structure. The man explains, in the video below, having used one piece made of 20% carbon fiber. He also used strong glue to insulate the wiring and avoid contact with liquid.

Unsurprisingly, Gernot Jöbstl hopes generate profits with its production. “World’s First Waterproof USB-C iPhone Auction Begins January 19, 2022”, explains Gernot Jöbstl , who probably hopes to reach the record of his predecessor. For the record, some rumors suggest that Apple may finally switch to USB-C this year. The iPhone 14 Pro would indeed have a USB-C port rather than Lightning.

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