the fourth model would be expected in 2023 and would have a larger screen

Is the fourth model of iPhone SE scheduled for 2023? In any case, this is what a famous leaker claims. We could also expect a smartphone equipped with a larger screen that would reach 5.7 inches. We are also talking about the 2022 model.

iPhone SE 3 (2)
The iPhone SE 3 Credit: @xleaks7

The next iPhone SE should be presented this year, at least that’s what the leaks and the various leakers who are working on the subject claim. One of them, the analyst Ross Young, today gives details of this model, like its name.

Apple should announce a new iPhone SE model in the course of 2022. This is a smartphone that would take over what made the success of the 2020 model. Thus, we would find the screen of 4, 7 inches (tiny on the market today!), always LCD. Ross Young mentions his name: iPhone SE+ 5G. A strange name for the Cupertino company, but which would show that the novelty is here in 5G compatibility.

The iPhone SE could be entitled to a fourth generation as early as 2023

Ross Young does not stop there, since he says that the fourth generation is already planned by Apple. While all eyes logically point to 2024, he claims that this next model could arrive as soon as 2023, be next year. A very short deadline for the brand, but which would mean a change in range.

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Indeed, if the SE of 2022 is in the logical continuation of the previous model, that of 2023 would bring a real change. Ross Young thus evokes a 5.7 inch screen, data that seems supported by another renowned analyst: Ming-Chi Kuo. We could also imagine a new design, inspired by more recent “canonical” iPhones.

An OS that would start on a good basis, therefore, and which would bring a screen size more in line with the current market. Now remains to be seen if all this confirmed. In any case, continuing to target an audience that does not have the means or the desire to break the bank for a “classic” iPhone is a good strategy on the part of the Californian brand. This year, let’s also remember that the iPhone 14 should be unveiled, around September

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