The grip of Apple and Google worries the British regulator

The UK competition authority is concerned about Apple and Google’s strong hold on how consumers use their smartphones. For the regulator, we are heading towards a reduction in competition and an increase in costs.

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Too much power at Apple and Google

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said it found after a preliminary investigation that Apple and Google were able to leverage their market influence to create largely self-sustaining ecosystems. “Apple and Google have developed a vise-like grip on the way we use mobile phones and we are concerned that millions of people in the UK are losing out,” said Andrea Coscelli, Director General of the CMA.

The statement is yet another warning after the regulator, with backing from the UK government, stepped up its oversight over the power of tech giants. The regulator presents several alternative options, including making it easier for users to switch from an iOS iPhone to an Android smartphone without losing functionality or data.

Apple says its ecosystems provide security and privacy, allowing third-party companies to sell goods and create jobs. Google did not immediately comment.

The CMA said it would consult on its initial findings. A final report will be published next June.

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