The iPads of 2024 with an OLED screen made by Samsung?

Apple could release an iPad with an OLED display provided by Samsung from 2024, according to a report from The Elec.

iPad OLED 2024

Samsung is developing the equipment to create the OLED panels Apple wants for its iPads, but Apple will need to secure large enough orders to make the project financially viable.

The Elec says Apple and Samsung were working on creating a 10.86-inch OLED panel in 2021, but work on the screen was halted in the third quarter. Apple had requested panels with a “two-stack tandem structure,” but the project was too expensive for Samsung and the company was unable to produce enough panels at the right price.

For the second collaboration, if Apple places a large enough order, Samsung will be able to finalize its spending plans in the second quarter of 2022, ordering the necessary equipment in the third quarter. The equipment is expected to be delivered in 2023 for Samsung to produce screens for an OLED ‌iPad‌ 2024.

The report suggests that Samsung is working to expand its Generation 8.5 computer OLED panels to deliver the technology Apple wants at the right price, but to do so, Samsung needs new machines as well as approval from Apple itself. . The current Samsung Gen 5.5 and Gen 6 substrates make the panels too expensive because there are not enough die-cut units for a single substrate.

The launch of an OLED ‌iPad‌ in 2024 could depend on Apple’s decision whether or not to order a significant number of OLED panels from Samsung, but the company could also choose to bring in another supplier such as BOE.

Apple currently uses OLED displays for the iPhone and Apple Watch, but Macs and iPads are limited to LCD and mini-LED displays. Will we have to wait two more years for the first OLED iPad?

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