The iPhone 13 would be the best-selling smartphone model in China for 6 weeks

Apple hadn’t experienced such a situation for… a long time. If we are indeed to believe the good sources of Counterpoint, the smartphone model that would sell the most in China would currently be theiPhone 13 (Pro models included). The iPhone 13 would even be at the head of sales on the Chinese market for 6 weeks now, an almost unprecedented case for the Cupertino company. Not only is the iPhone in the lead, but it now towers over the local competition to a great extent, Vivo and Oppo having a hard time resisting the tidal wave. As for Huawei, the inability to provide high-performance 5G smartphones following the US embargo has completely knocked out the manufacturer in its own market.

IPhone 13 China sales 6 weeks

The iPhone 13 is said to account for 51% of iPhone 13 / Pro sales in China. Of the rest, 23% are iPhone 13 Pro Max, 21% iPhone 13 Pro and 5% iPhone 13 mini. If Counterpoint didn’t get tangled up in its numbers, Apple should still post more than solid revenue for its Q4 2021.

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